On Thursday 21st of March at 2 pm, we went live on Instagram with Jamachi of the Lagos State Employers Trust Fund (LSETF). Where we talked on the topic: “Technology and its impact on community security.”

The topic basically addressed our core value while incorporating technology into the security of lives and properties of Nigerians. Currently, the country is still battling the issue of security, and one of the biggest reasons is that we have refused to upgrade our security agencies and their measures to tackle insecurity.

 We went further to explain how the Seclot app can be used to tackle the common security and safety problems we tend to face in our communities such as medical emergencies, burglary, rape and so on.

It was an interactive session with the viewers who asked really interesting questions about their general security relating to the use of the Seclot app which we provided answers on.

Some of the questions and answers are as follows:

  1. Q: How does the app work generally?

   A: The app is very simple to use as no much navigations are required to trigger an alert in emergency situations. Setting up the app on a mobile device is simple and just a few steps – download and install from Google playstore, set up your account and add your ‘In case of Emergency’ numbers (known as ICEs) which is a maximum of 10 contacts preferably family members and close friends.

 It is also advisable to ask your ICEs to download as well so that notifications will be from app to app. In case of any emergency opening the app and tapping on your screen triggers an alert to these numbers.


  1. Q: What happens after I send a distress notification>   

   A: Your ICE number receives a notification with your geo-location so as to make it easy for you to get help in cases, where phone calls are not that accessible and they also can call for assistance in cases where they are able to offer any.


  1. Q: Is the app free or is there a paid/premium version?

   A: The mobile application is currently free and accessible to all kinds of users. However, there is a paid version of the app which is a web app for desktops and systems majorly built for organizations that operate with the security database of their employees.


4 Q: Can the app work outside the country?

   A: Yes, sure does. When the app is triggered, it sends a distress notification out with the geolocation of the user. The location is just not within the country, it works for every location. However, the chances of getting help from the registered ICEs might be the problem since they might be out of reach and can’t be able to offer help


Before the end of our session, we encouraged our viewers to have a more serious approach towards using technology to aid their security consciousness, as it is more efficient and cost-effective. We also encouraged them to download the Seclot App from Google Playstore with the assurance that it the iOS version will be out soon.

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