WHILE ELECTION APPROACHES- TIPS FOR STAYING SAFE

This is a follow up from the previous post yesterday, and we are going to be running through these tips as the week goes by. The tips for today are as follows:


5. Don’t Keep Late Nights

It is very needful that during this period, you wrap up all you have to do before late night. As a matter of fact most organizations in Nigeria for instance, to a very large extent preach that their workers must not prowl at late night. As the rate of kidnap usually skyrockets during this period.

6. Always Listen to the News-:

One of the ways to be security conscious during election time is to always stay abreast with issues. One of the ways to comfortably do this is by listening to the news always.

7. Don’t Disclose Who You Will Vote For at the Polls

During election period, people have different candidates they pledge allegiance to. Some of them go as far as picking up a fight with those who aren’t in the same camp with them. Therefore it would do you well not to disclose whom you plan to vote for.

8. Once You Cast Your Vote Go Straight to Your House

One of the ways to stay secure during elections is by returning home after casting your vote. Staying back, for loitering with other supporters after casting your vote may be detrimental.

These short and simple terms can go a long way in helping you stay safe, most especially for first time voters who have never had a first hand experience of electoral violence.



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