On the Sunday 31st of March, Kolade Johnson- a 36-year-old was hit by a stray bullet fired from a SARS officer. Sadly, before getting professional medical care he passed on.

This sad incident and many others have been plaguing the citizens of the country for a few years now- SARS operatives pulling some drivers over, harassing them and at times harming them physically for reasons known to them. Users of popular media platforms have since come up with a hashtag #endsars to decry the menace this body has been causing innocent and law-abiding citizens.  

So far social media has helped create an awareness of this police brutality to an extent; some of the officers who were found carrying out questionable activities have been severely punished and some even relieved of their duties.

Sadly, this punishment does not bring back the dead victims of these brutal acts nor console the bereaved. Hence a call for a nationwide reform of SARS or total scrapping of this division.

 A special squad set aside to tackle armed robbery and kidnapping have turned on innocent and unarmed citizens going about their daily activities, despite peaceful protests led by concerned youths in different cities and the online campaigns, the menace of this squad is still felt in the Society.

What is the best way forward concerning this issue- a reform or total removal of this squad from the police force?

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