We’ve come to the final part 20 security tips on staying safe as we prepare for our forthcoming elections. In case you missed the previous tips, you can simply catch by clicking on these links below:

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The last 4 tips are as follows

17. Cast Your Vote Once

One of the ways that you may be fermenting security trouble is when you decide to vote twice or more. There may be other party candidates that may want to get violent with you. So vote for your candidate just once.

18. Do Not Talk Recklessly At the Polls

To be safe; it is forbidden to talk recklessly at the polling unit about any candidate or the election process. Doing this may attract some grave consequences.

19. Celebrate in a Civil Manner

If after the elections your candidate wins, then it is important that you celebrate in a civil manner. It is no time to begin to paint the town red in a lavish style. Remember, that some folks who are in support of the opposition may not be too happy.

20. Do Not Partake in Election Violence

Do not put yourself up to be used by politicians to perpetrate election violence. This is because some opposition people might as well be lurking in the dark to harm those who do this.

This might be the end of this write up, but elections are still months away. It’s best we continually refer back to these tips which will go a long way in helping us to imbibe a security and conscious life. Stay tuned to this blog for more security gists and tips.

See you next time and cheers to the weekend!!!

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