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Many people today belong to the working class and due to the hustle and bustle of the day when they get home all they can do is eat and go to bed. Because of this many people tend to look for relative that can help stay home and monitor their properties and belongings and also look after their children, and in situations where there is no relative to call on, external help is therefore hired.
Employers of labor in their own way conduct personal interviews for their supposed staff, no doubt, but how sure are you of supposed staff psychological ,mental and physical well-being. And to talk of the recent crisis of staffs killing their bosses and committing all sorts of atrocities, this issue has been in a bug in the mattress which must be aired. How well do you know your staffs?

  • REQUEST FROM A REPUTABLE, RECOGNIZED AGENCY: when hiring a help or supposed staff It is good to request from a well-known agency, as the agency on its part would have conducted every form of interview necessary and it will also give a form security. And if for any reason something g otherwise happens the agency will be held responsible.
    As for other people that go through the local / African method
  • THE MIDDLEMAN OR AGENT MUST BE INTERROGATED AND INTERVIEWED: The agent should be asked questions like his relationship with the supposed staff, how and where he met with the staff, what the supposed staff was into before the agent met with the staff. The contact address of the agent must be collected, contact information of the agent next of kin including pictures of the agent. Note all this questioning must be done in the absence (away) of the supposed staff.
  • THE SUPPOSED STAFF MUST BE INTERVIEWED: Full name, home address, state of origin, town and locality of supposed staff must be confirmed. Educational qualifications should be confirmed from the supposed staff, what job was the supposed staff into before meet up. The relationship between supposed staff and agent must be confirmed. Note this interview must be done in absence of the agent.
  • SECURITY CHECK MUST BE CARRIED OUT: Before considering employment security check must be carried out by security operatives. Names and details should be checked if it’s accurate if any of them are wanted by the police for any form of crime or questioning, and if arrested before for what purpose. A full body check should be done for any physical deformity or scar of the sort, and also medical test (HIV, HEPATITIS and pregnancy if it’s a lady)
    CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT: a contract must be drawn and signed by each party the employee, employer and agent, with terms of the contract clearly stipulated.

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