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How to get your child kidnapped

Just recently, the internet was agog with the news of one Elo Ogidi- a 4 year old kidnapped in Lagos and later found in an orphanage in far away Benin! (much to our relief), surely no parent ever wants to imagine going through that trauma.

Teaching our little ones how to take protect themselves with a few tips can go a long way in preventing such a heartbreaking situation and even help bring the perpetrators of this crime to book.

Here are a few useful tips to teach our kids:

Permission Seeking: Teach them not to go anywhere or do anything with anyone unless they have your permission. These include family members, neighbours and most people they don’t know.


Free Things: Teach them to stay away from any stranger(s) trying to offer a lift in a vehicle calling them to ask questions.

Intuition: Teach them about warning signs, making them trust their intuition. If you feel frightened, your mind is telling you something is not right – trust me, no matter how little they can be they also have intuitions- they just might not be fully aware about it. The best means of teaching them how to sometimes rely on this is by role playing with them as often as you can, create basic scenarios of how these perpetrators can lure them, this is because recently these criminals have changed from appearing as dangerous looking strangers to tricky people ( asking for directions or maybe asking for assistance to carry plenty items )

These tips though few, can do a lot in helping to prevent this crime in a big way.

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