CRIME AND CHRISTMAS- Are we safe in out cities Contd (3)



Today’s post is going to be on the Mid western part of the country, particularly the ancient city of Benin in Edo State. A small but yet vibrant city, overflowing with rich cultural heritage and serenity. But yet still having a few areas ridden with criminal activities. Here are a list of these areas and the common crimes associated with them:

Benin/Lagos Road and  Bye Pass, Ekiadolor: Kidnapping and abduction

Upper Sakponba Road: Cult activities and armed robbery

Ekehuan Road, Evbuotubu area: Cult activities and armed robbery

As we prepare for the yuletide season, its best to take note of these crime prone areas in our different cities. And we can also help security operatives to tackle crime in our locality by reporting suspicious activities around us. Also remember too check in tomorrow for another update for yet another city. Cheers!!!

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