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Protect your home from electrical hazard

Ever experienced an unpredictable electrical hazard at home? if yes, home safety should be taken very seriously and approached with great care, so as to avoid endangering lives and properties, as just one little lapse and turning a blind eye can put your household at risk and your loved ones in danger. Here are some common electrical safety issues around the home and how to go about them:

Adapters– avoid plugging multiple adapters into one another. The case cause surges which will damage your appliances, or even cause fires in your home.




Broken sockets– these are an electrocution time bomb!. Just a crack in a socket can open up and expose your family to open circuitry and fatal shocks.

Don’t use cheap versions of electrical items such as chargers and games consoles. They are an increased risk of overheating and catching fire.

Keep away from water– electrocution is a risk when an electrical device gets wet. Keep all electrical devices away from water

Always check your extension cords and plugs for signs of wear and damages which exposes wires, and to ensure the cord is in good working condition.



Electricity is a useful tool in our everyday life when used correctly, if it is being tampered with otherwise, it can only be hazardous to our general well being. Thus, there proper care should be taken in its application.

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