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Pedestrian Safety

Yearly, a lot of people die from pedestrian-related accidents, most of which were caused by negligence either on the part of the driver or the pedestrian. In simpler words, these accidents could have been prevented.

  There are higher risk factors for pedestrians living in megacities than in smaller cities or rural areas. Hence, it is important we take safety pedestrians rules seriously.

 Some of these tips to take note are as follows:

  1. Always use the Pedestrian Crossing: There are several busy roads that have a pedestrian bridge for the safety of pedestrians. Most people ignore it because they feel crossing multiple lanes is faster. This is wrong, remember it’s better to be safe than sorry. Ensure you use the pedestrian bridge wherever it is provided.

    A pedestrian bridge in Lagos State
  2. Always use the sidewalk: When walking across a busy street or road, ensure you always use the sidewalk which is most times free from moving vehicles.
  3. Look left and right before crossing: this rule cannot be overemphasized. Regardless of whether the road is a single lane or double lane, it is always important to look both ways for vehicles before crossing. This is because sometimes, some drivers disobey traffic rules and use the wrong lanes. Hence it is important to check for vehicles at both sides before attempting to cross.
  4. Limit the use of your mobile devices: While walking, it is best to keep the usage of phones and other mobile devices at a minimum. Reduce all forms of distractions whilst walking along a busy road so as to stay alert for any mishap that may occur.Listening to music with headphones while walking should be avoided at all cost.
  1.  Do not cross at road bends or at junctions: Crossing at a road bend might be dangerous as you cannot tell whether a vehicle is incoming or not. Crossing at junctions is risky and even stressful due to the number of vehicles coming from different directions at the same time.
  1. Always look at the drivers before crossing. You should be able to check for a signal from drivers before attempting to cross. This is because some vehicles with faulty breaks ply our roads daily. You might be expecting the driver to slow down for you when he cannot. So it’s best to make eye contact before rushing across the road.


 75% of our safety is in hands. We thrive better, save money and save our lives by keeping to rules and regulations. Do not forget this.

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