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HARMATTAN CHRISTMAS…Safety tips for driving through the fog




I trust we are already having a swell time as we countdown to the main day (Christmas day of course) *wink*.
In regards to the yuletide celebration, a lot of families will be traveling down to their hometowns most especially from our megacities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt etc.


I wish you all safe travels, trusting that you stick to traffic rules that are in place to ensure a hitch-free journey. One of the biggest issues encountered by drivers this season is a foggy weather, especially in the mornings.


A lot of drivers are bound to experience this period especially those travelling long distances who would like to leave their homes early so that they can arrive at their destinations quite early and to avoid nightfall while still on the road.


As regards to this, I will be dropping 10 safety tips for driving in fog

1. Slow down before you enter a fog, don’t assume it will thin out after you enter it.

2. Turn on ALL your lights, use low beam headlights and fog lights for best visibility even in the daytime

3. Turn on your 4-way flashers to let vehicles approaching from behind a quicker time to notice your vehicle

4. Don’t forget to obey all fog-related warning signs.

5. Listen for traffic you cannot see.

6. Avoid passing other vehicles at sharp bends, since you may not be able to tell the actual size of the vehicle.

7. Be alert for other drivers may have forgotten to turn on their lights

8. Do not stop along the side of the road unless necessary.

9. Use roadside highway reflectors as guides to determine how the road may curve ahead of you.

10. Watch for vehicles on the side of the roadway. Seeing headlights in front may not be a true indication of where the road is ahead of you. The vehicle,may not be on the road at all.

By sticking with these tips, I can assure you driving through a fog will be less hassle for you. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and see you in 2019!.

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