Cars over time, have been greatly improved with technology to enhance its functionality. Some cars no longer require keys to start or even open the door. Despite all these, breaking into cars to steal from them, and even worse stealing the car is still prevalent till date.

Why is that?

What can we do to prevent this?

Here are some easy things to do about it:

1. Check it’s locked, don’t walk away

Most cars these days make a sound or feature a visual signal when the central locking system is activated. It is important to stay close and look out for these signals in order to ensure your central lock is fully functional If in doubt, pull the door handle before you walk away.



2. Park Wisely

The ideal place to park your car is in a secure driveway or garage, however, if you don’t have one, or are out and about, it is best to leave your car in a well-lit area or in the view of a security camera.



3. Hide or Remove Your Belongings

Any car is more likely to be targeted if valuable items such as wallets, phones, and laptops are on display, therefore it is better to remove them from the car or better still keep them in the trunk (boot)



4. Double your security.

Most modern cars are fitted with an alarm and mobilizer, but there are various ways to increase the security of your car further. Use a steering wheel lock is a great deterrent for opportunistic thieves because it creates issues for the thief to steer the wheel.

Installing a tracking device will be useful if the worst happens and your car is stolen, as it will allow yourself and the police to locate your car using your GPS.


Applying these tips will keep your car safe and also makes you spend less in trying to replace stolen properties from your car or worse still your car. I hope you found this tips useful. Stay glued to this page for our next article.